Brother Printers

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BrotherThe Works Direction, Design,  Animation, Edit,Compositing, Grade, Sound design
DescriptionOur friends over at The Works asked us to create a spot for Brother Printers, highlighting a few key features of their speedy new printer. Tailored specifically for Virgin’s inflight entertainment, we developed the design and type treatment for the piece to evoke a sense of fun and excitement. Integrating 2D cell animation and motion graphics into a live-action plate, and supported by a complimentary sound design to fit the visual aesthetic, the entire piece was produced almost as quickly as the printer can spit out pages.

Behind the Scenes

A little glimpse into the going-ons of how this came to be.

Composite Breakdown

Plane Element

Circle Element

Money Element

Swirl Element

Production Stills


Director:Producer:DOP:Art Director:Designer:Editor:Animation:Colourist:Sound Mix:
Dan CooperCraig BollesViv ScanuAdrian GoldthorpEm CooperDan CooperNovelNovelNovel